It is so easy to learn by heart a cate¬chisme lesson, morality or history that would also be unable to explain!

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It is so easy to learn by heart a cate¬chisme lesson, morality or history that would also be unable to explain! And this is so illusion, words repeatable to affirm his science, while the real intellectual operations keep something intimate, it is very difficult, and sometimes impossible, to externalize, which clear perhaps only by a lightning assured and positive look, like a fleeting enlightenment.

There is urgency to this recovery, C. FREINET Education Labor Author Freinet Print
In: The Educator CEL For teachers review educational principles> natural method January 1968 The theme of our Congress Pau, once again, will honor the Freinet pedagogy, must demonstrate, simple and natural, of the integration control means in the very life of the child, for the use of tools and techniques to meet the needs of being in training: our control standards of living standards.

Once again, therefore, we must overcome the narrowness of educational practice to access the vast educational problem we tried to tell the universality and simplicity at the daily life (1). Comparing our assessment of children’s skills means to those usual in the traditional school, we will have occasion to rediscover the familiar and common organizing functions called memory, intelligence, will, psychologists and philosophers, all time, considered the noble faculties of the soul, each of which has to play its role in an area assigned to it.

Among specialists, it should be noted, moreover, that the study of the birth and development of these noble virtues succession of assumptions and my own ideas, so that we can say that there as many psychologies related, as there are specialists to discuss. We would not, as a summary judgment, giving the impression of some irreverence vis-a-vis intellectual authorities who have worked and are working with persistence and selflessness in so airtight sites of knowledge of the child.

These are certainly not the masters of modern psychology increasingly anxious to break the circle of dogmatism and a finalist bleating idealism that seem dangerous: the strength of their material, intellectual height of their designs will often to give us lessons real mental disciplines and authentic culture. But the flock of countless sub-specialists who live their teaching set crumbs, is not safe.

Abusively cut in democratic schemes for the use of everybody, the thought of a master was quick to become error and graze the ridiculous. The future will, shortly, malfeasance occasional extension dominated by worries bachotees theses and rebachotees away from life and more will be highlighted the danger of School Psychologists hastily recycled which in some arbitrary test and destitute, were quick to label you a naturally intelligent child as final dunce.

We are among those who never capitulate before bluffing and boasting a discount provided as science in lawn sprinkler by trained staff or rather distorted by the early practices of pedagogy who knows nothing untold potentialities of life of the child. No wonder if such practices, associated, in addition, to the miseries of a scholastic education, so give us a poor idea of ??the child’s personality and especially make us so pessimistic tone on memory, the intellect and the will in all test subjects.

We, for our part, the privilege of having kept intact our trust in the child. The natural expression free method Freinet tirelessly democratized, placed within the reach of the great mass of educators, including parents, has made us aware of the mysterious complexity of human nature, of the unfathomable riches of comprehensive approaches in which the inside and the outside of things continue to meet, to interfere.

We know that education is a whole that can constantly upgrade, both by it and by the outside where plays and prepares the ascent of being, memory, intelligence, the will are inextricably related in elementary and rise together to the emergence of higher functions, always concomitant, always « woven from the same cloth. » They are aspects of the same vital function. They exist, initially, in any normal, without presence of hierarchy.

In maintain correct operation, encourage, exalt, it is at the same time ensure the best return: that is the challenge of our control. We have, in an earlier about (2) referred to the meeting of Sassari last homeworkmarket a good service
August, during which international leaders held talks on the mysteries of memory: they were willing to recognize that there is a long memory to store memories and a short memory to sort the information, we are confident in our case, that by the natural method, we sat at the start and at the same time, the long memory on ‘long intelligence on long commitment.

They are, all at once, the single motor of the action live, but if the environment is conducive to playing these first steps. Yes, but when do we know that this trilogy of initial energies in full operation? Freinet, constantly enriched with a good experimental sense, is a response that is in itself a theory: one is in full swing when the act is successful.

Is this not, however, control reassures all moms? An example lived, this very day, we be situated at the heart of the educational problem of control, Marianne, who comes every morning to clean, she brings with her little boy, Alexander (2 years 2 months). This morning, just arrived, the kid ostensibly plunges his hand into his pocket and takes out a handkerchief, – Ah! said Marianne, today is the day of the handkerchief!

In this simple reflection is included all his instinctive experience of mother introduces groping her child in all they have patient stubbornness and fun-triumphant elephant. And, indeed, the day of the handkerchief!

It would have time to relate minutely all the small acts superimposed, repeated mechanized, chained to each other by eliminating failures and the escalation of successful gestures, to demonstrate, for the comment and the image of the positive outcome of the trial and error and triumphant! Incidentally, blow nose is a common act, but few people succeed with discretion and elegance, Alexander, to two years, has already recorded the sequence of necessary actions: – unfold the handkerchief (holding it in the air … ) – put it on the open hand (reversed palm, thumb spread fingers …) – apply it on the nose (not knowing very well that the nose is in the middle of the figure …) – tighten the fingers nose (you need but not too much …) – blowing strongly (rather too much than not enough …) – wipe the nose (if possible below ..,) – fold the handkerchief (at least avoid that it is a ball …) – put it in the pocket (flat, please, as we must do so for a handkerchief that deserves so much attention …) it is an adventure and it is an event! that is the climb to a new level, it is the triumph of an acquired to mechanize is the victory that the mother also said a nice word and natural – It’s good!

You know you blow your nose, boy! explosive joy of the child who leaps like a kid. But almost immediately he returned to the charge, for fun, for the realization of his knowledge, to assert the automation of the bearing.

One more time (the third of the morning), he saw the sequences of a film that would be very demonstrative instinctive approaches systematically directed towards a specific purpose; Alexander once again forge his chain, eliminates shaky links, consolidating those that are safe and so the chain whose links were initially imitated, will become a personal channel to perfection in the automatic reproduction. – It’s good! You know you blow your nose, boy!

The terms of this simple fact sign the parent educator. That’s the best controls: the trace of successful gestures, permeability experience tension to the success are automatically chained realities came from deep to be in the same spray.

The important thing is not that these aspects of the same fundamental energy are called memory, intelligence and will associated with knowledge, the important thing is that is is an indivisible whole which determines correct behavior towards success. « In the right slope, all the saints help us, » says popular wisdom. The right slope is that which leads us toward mastery in the broadest sense of the word. It is made of forces, sure of their powers which, by the successful act will continue with ease. « The successful act arouses a sort of automatic current which becomes final rule of life in its form and in its foundations …

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